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Uppdaterat: 8 jan. 2023

Far away from Ithaka

This album was recorded in 2006-07 under same period as "Hiding from the rain".

We recorded two very different albums at he same time, creative times..

The songs were written from the ideas of Thomas Forsberg. Together we developed these ideas into the final compositions that fills the album. It was a very exciting project where we let the songs lead us through the progress to their final end.

My absolut favorite on the album is the title track "Far away from Ithaka", a song about living your life like a still image, without perspectives or reflections about anything. Just performing your acts like you´re formed to do by the conventions in society.

Just like Odysseus is doomed to do so by the fait in the greek epos.

I studied history of literature at the time and got inspired when I wrote the lyrics in this song and "Knights of Ramadon"

The cover?

I didn´t have any deeper thoughts when I made it but if you look closely you can see Odysseus boat out there on the sea.

Hiding from the rain

Recorded parallel with the Ithaka album in 2006-07.

This album follows a story about a young girls journey towards psychos and the salvation in insanity.

I sometimes borrow the environments from the place I grew up in the 70´s, Penny lane for the set up of the story. I also sometimes borrow my own experiences from this time and mix it with pure fiction.

I think the cover, the music and the quite obvious rain metafor speaks for itself.

Pennylane revisited

This album was first recorded in 2007-08.

The idea I had was to make an album as a musical picture book with songs as snapshots from my childhood in (at, on?) Penny lane in the 60-70´s.

Pennylane revisited-Sleepwalking is an intro to that world where Sleepwalking presents the zombie-like herds of kids sniffing glue and that aimlessly wandered around the playgrounds there.

Darklander is about that feeling you can have when you through your journey in life always have your childhood and its environments tattooed on your forehead.

A feeling of not belonging.

I don´t know, listen to the album and see what it means to you.

Goodmorning antfarm

As you can compare the albums Hiding from the rain and Pennylane in their expression, Antfarm was supposed to be the follow up trail to the Far away-album.

This is album never got to be finished. (yet)

The reasons for that was, as I see it, a crashed hard drive but also that we got stuck in the frustration by a will, and on the same time, a lack of ability to take our music out on the live scene. Suddenly the "Hey, lets see what's around the next corner" in our exploring of our music writing was gone.

This album contains in its origin longer compositions with instrumental parts and sometimes massive orchestration.

It would take a lot of energy to recreate those songs and so lets see if we can find that in the future.

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