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About the albums

They were recorded between 2006-2009 and after that we had a long break from music that we now are returning from. 

The songs are written by us, Anders Puke and Thomas Forsberg in an attempt to make our writings more  70´s progressive like.

Each album has it´s own identity and character as we like to explore while we compose. We think that music and life gets more interesting when you don´t know whats behind the next corner in advance. If curiosity killed the cat it died in fascination


A lot of our recording work from the last project got lost when the hard drive crashed and, as we find it hard to repeat ourselves, we´d rather come up with a fifth album instead of finishing the fourth.

On this page that album contains five songs from the project called "Goodmorning ant farm"

We hope you enjoy what you hear and will return for more.

Thanks and welcome!


The songs


in this playlist are a selection from four albums: "Hiding from the rain", "Far away from Ithaka", "Penny lane revisited" and the unfinished project "Good morning ant farm.